One dance on The Island will change her destiny forever. 

 It's 1973. Disco is big in Greece, and no club is bigger or more exclusive than The Island.

When Eleni's mysterious date, Damon Sarantos, offers to take her, she sees a chance to change her average life. 


How could she know she'd be mingling with demons and angels? Or that Damon was a dark prince who had fought on its shores centuries before?


Eleni discovers there are many ways to get to the club. But only The Island determines how its guests will leave.

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Legend of the Nephilim

Book 1

A brilliant archaeologist. A handsome, mysterious businessman. Sparks that reignite an ancient war between good and evil.

Reign Phillips has just earned her PhD in ancient languages when her professor returns from Greece with treasure for the university--the mummified victims of a cult sacrifice and a puzzling gold casket which doesn't fit any time period. Accompanying the casket is Damon Sarantos, a mysterious businessman who is determined to protect his property and win Reign's heart.

As Reign decodes the casket's strange writings, she begins to suspect that Damon is far more than an arrogant, irresistible temptation. And that her role in his life brings more dangers than she could have ever imagined.

From a Roman Legion to the New Mexico desert, this Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Nephilim supernatural romance challenges if anyone is beyond saving, and the true cost of redemption.

Buy now and enjoy a past-meets-present archaeological adventure with romance. First in a series, with more to come! PG-13 for violence, heat, and mature themes.